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30% OFF SITEWIDE 6/13-6/17


What, like it's hard?
(I've heard that before)


It is often said “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”. Well, screw that. Pit Viper started as a tightly knit team of ski bums working their butts off to put forward a high quality, high energy, high sex appeal set of sunglasses out into the world. And we’ve done everything we can to keep that spirit alive. When phonies step onto the scene and steal our thunder, it hurts us, the team that works hard to keep Pit Viper the original blend of style and performance that you’ve come to expect. Not to mention the fact that the quality you get from a fake just can’t match up to the real thing.

Not everyone can be a super sleuth or make their dad proud, but everyone can learn how to spot fake Pit Vipers. 

Be wary if:


We don’t sell on Amazon. Never have, never will. Jeff Bezos can send us all the thirst traps he wants, it’s not happening.



Scammers love to hit you with ads on social media advertising that Pit Viper is having a sale for 30, 40, 50, 60, 70+% off. That’s ridiculous. We have money to make and limousines to buy.

Keep yourself safe with this one easy step:

If you’re not on pitviper.com, they’re fake. The only other authorized online resellers are few and far between, and listed on the bottom of this page.

“B-bu-but Pit Viper senpai, I already bought Pit Vipers from this sketchy site with flickering lights and a bunch of misspelled words and nonsensical sentences that sounded like they’d been fed through Google Translate seven times.”

You’re probably the type of person that says yes to strangers asking if you want to see the puppy in their van. Whip out those shades and let’s see if they’re real or not.


This may seem simple, but your glasses are fake if they don’t look like ours: 

  • Look for the horizontal bar placed at the top mid-point of the front of the lens.  Not there?  It’s a Fake.
  • Look for the small tabs that wrap around the front of the lens at the corners.  Don’t see them?  It’s probably a Fake.

We get that the fakes try to imitate our look and fakes are made to look like ours, so read on.


The easiest way is to check the inside of your Pit Viper’s arms. You will see a 5-13 character code followed by CE. There’s a hidden message in every code. Examples include:

  • 1776OBVI (1776, Obviously)
  • 90S4R3C4LL1NG  (90’s are calling)
  • 3N3RG1Z3R (Energizer)


Check your email inbox for order confirmation and shipping confirmations. (Check your spam folder if you don’t see one). All transactional email will only come from info@lionf.com, frank@pitviper.com, or sales@pitviper.com. If you ordered before June 2021, they will have come from frank@pitvipersunglasses.com or  info@pitvipersunglasses.com.


Check the shipping label. If you ordered in the last 2 years from us, they will only have come from 1465 S 700 W, Salt Lake City, Utah or 159 W Haven Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you ordered recently (2023) from Pit Viper Middle East then it will have come from Lionfish General Trading LLC - O603, Sobha Ivory Tower 1, Al Asayel Street (South), Business Bay, Dubai, UAE - P.O. Box: 282601



Once you open up your cardboard box and get to the product packaging. On some of the products there will be a barcode. It will be on the side of the package as seen here.

If it looks like the one below. NOPE, FAKES. 

FAKES! Don't Be Fooled!


Press CTRL-F and type in the site you just found Pit Vipers on. If you don’t see it on this list, you’re screwed.

Aistru, Altitude Sports, Axis Boutique, BC Surf and Sport, Big White Ski Resort, The Bike Center, Bike Fix Utah, Bittl, Board Bin, Bristow’s 2, Butte & Co, The Choice, Craniologie, D-Structure, Die Werker Gmbh (Bergwerker), Do North Outfitters, eBike of Colorado, EXOSHOP, Foursight Supply Co, FullSend Ski and Outdoor, Genesis Clothing, Gerick Cycle and Sport, Gestion S3, HAF, Hood Distribution, Howl Clothing Ice Optic, Jonny Sprockets, The Lifthouse Ski Shop, Luderdale Marina, Lethbridge Honda, Lynn’s Dakotamart, Mccoo’s, MTN Shop at Lutsen, Mud Sweat and Gears, Oktan Sverige, ONE Boardshop, One80, Purpose Built, Roots Outdoor NC, S3 Board Shop, Scotts Quik Stop, Shades of Crested Butte, Sitzmark, Slim and Knobbys, Slope Style, South Central Athlete, Sport Harry, Sullys, Summer Shades, Syndicate board Shop, Tartarkovic Sports, Ultimate Ski and Ride, and Vicious Cycle. PHEW!

In our goals of world domination, we also work with some brick and mortar stores to spread Pit Vipers far and wide. Check out our store locator to find an official Pit Viper dealer near you.

Feel free to contact customer service through the chat room button or contact page for any questions regarding counterfeit Pit Viper products.