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Photography Contest

Initimidator Photo Contest


You’ve arrived at this page for a reason. Destiny? Good luck? Mistakenly clicked that link about lonely cougars in your area? We’ll never know, but the wheels of fate have started spinning, and buddy are they burning rubber. 

In front of you is the chance to WIN $5,000 and a place in Pit Viper’s historic annals.

To participate you need to:

Assemble a super team of 1 talented photographer and 3 models.

Apply HERE by May 7th showing off your best Pit Viper style photography and all three models.

Anxiously await May 10th when we announce the 10 finalist teams. 

Start spending money irresponsibly cause on May 18th you could WIN $5,000

Each selected team will receive a package of Pit Viper product and have 72 hours to shoot the best damn content we’ve ever seen. On May 18th we will announce the Ultimate Intimidator and winner of the $5,000. Your team’s photos will be blasted all over the world wide web, so keep that in mind if you are self conscious about your nose and/or in trouble with the Feds.

Now go on, get! Get your team together and apply HERE. If selected, you will receive more details with the package, but it doesn’t hurt to start brainstorming photoshoot locations, themes, and props now. Keep in mind:

  • We don’t care what your models look like, we’re not Victoria’s Secret. The more diverse and unique, the better. If you only know two humans and can’t find a third on the park bench, we may allow one non-human model (make sure they can balance shades on their snout better than your average pig). 
  • What are we looking for? The most bold forms of self expression through Pit Viper you can dream of. It may be a perfect portrait in a studio, or backflipping the grand canyon. Whatever gets you going gets us going.