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The Pit Viper 2000. The Future Just Came (and so did we).

Pit Vipers. Rebuilt.

Watch the video. It will explain nothing for you.

The first ever sunglasses from the future.

Nose pieces

Are pretty necessary if you ask us.

This one is redesigned for better comfort and grip.

God knows you put your nose through enough >

The New Turbo Adjustment™: Now with more.

Built by real men, with trucks.

Ear Pieces

Now with silicone implants. More supple, bouncy & soft to the touch.

Natural feeling implants to put your face between.

Sorry mom >

We can make up numbers too.

Up to


Play time

Up to


Water resistance

Up to



E-spot adjustment: lighter, faster, faster, harder, harder.

For smoother in-and-out action.

The Goldilocks Fit™.

At 143mm wide, The Pit Viper 2000s are the optimal blend between the originals and double wides.
Made with the Modern American man in mind.

The originals.

137 mm.

The 2000s.

143 mm.

The double wides.

149 mm.

The new generation of Pit Vipers are here.

ANSI Z87+ rated. Tougher materials. Superior lens.


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